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PIM Bienestar


Staff Augmentation


Ago 2020


Nov 2021



Pilar Ibáñez has dedicated her life to understanding happiness with the aim of sharing this knowledge with those who, like her, are in search of personal transformation and a happy life.

The company PIM Bienestar needed help to include technology at its service. The only contact they had with their clients was through WhatsApp, which caused difficulties, loss of information and the client's data could not have the necessary security. In addition, they did not have a tool that allows them to obtain metrics of what was happening in their business.

The challenge was to provide a communication tool between Pim Bienestar clients and the company so that they can meditate in real time together and visualize their progress in the different monthly programs.




The client hired NanoApps to develop the PIM mobile application in order to digitize their business. The application includes all the activities that the company carried out in different tools, such as communication, the generation of video conferences and a space for people in their community to have a few minutes to meditate.

Additionally, a content management platform was also developed so that the company can generate and share audio and video with its community.